9.1. Taking a Course for Academic Credit

This topic describes taking an edX course for academic credit.

9.1.1. Overview of Academic Credit

Some edX courses allow you to purchase academic credit that you can apply toward a degree at a college or university. When a course offers academic credit, you see an “Earn Credit” indication for the course in the edX list of courses.

A course tile showing the "Earn Credit" indication.

To earn academic credit, you must meet a series of requirements, such as verifying your identity several times during your course or taking proctored exams. After you meet the requirements, you can purchase academic credit for a specific time after the course ends (usually one year).

9.1.2. Enroll for Academic Credit

To receive academic credit for a course, you must enroll in the verified track for the course.

For more information about enrolling, see Enrolling and Pursuing Certificates.

9.1.3. Complete Identity Checks

When you take a course for academic credit, you have to complete a number of identity checks. Identity checks include periodic identity reverification inside the course and proctored exams.


To be eligible for academic credit, you must complete all identity checks. If you choose not to complete an identity check at any time, you are no longer eligible for credit. You can still receive a verified certificate in the course.

  • In-course identity reverification requires you to verify your identity, similar to the way you verified your identity at the beginning of the course. You must use a computer that has a webcam to reverify your identity.

    For more information, see In-Course Identity Reverification.

  • Proctored exams are exams that use both time limits and online proctoring software. To pass a proctored exam, you must receive both a passing grade for the exam itself and a Pass result when the recording of your proctoring session is reviewed.

    For more information about proctored exams, see Taking a Proctored Exam.

9.1.4. Keep Track of Your Progress

When you are enrolled in a course for academic credit, your Progress page includes a Requirements for Course Credit section that lists all of the requirements that you have to complete to be eligible for credit. This section indicates your overall credit eligibility status and the status of each individual requirement.

Progress page with a list of credit requirements below the progress graph.

9.1.5. Purchase Academic Credit

After you meet the requirements for credit, the option to purchase academic credit for the course appears on your dashboard below the option to download your certificate. You also receive an email from edX. You can usually purchase credit up to one year after the course ends.

When you purchase credit, you submit a payment to edX, and then complete any additional steps that the specific organization that grants the credit requires.


More than one organization might offer credit for the same course. If this is the case, you select the organization that you want when you purchase credit for the course.

To purchase academic credit, follow these steps.

  1. On your dashboard, select Purchase Credit next to the course that you want.
  2. On the Checkout page, verify that the organization that you want to purchase credit from appears, and then select Checkout or Checkout with PayPal.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the payment process. When the payment process is complete, a confirmation page opens, and you receive an email message.
  4. On the payment confirmation page, a notification informs you if the organization requires you to complete additional steps to receive credit. If the organization has additional requirements, select Complete Credit to go to that organization’s website.

After the organization has evaluated your information, a message on your dashboard indicates whether the organization has granted you academic credit for the course and provides a link to the organization. You also receive an email that indicates whether you have received academic credit for the course.

If you do not receive credit for the course, contact the organization that issues the credit directly.