9.2. In-Course Identity ReverificationΒΆ

When your course requires in-course identity reverification, you must verify your identity at the beginning of the course and then at certain times during the course. For example, you might be required to verify your identity before you take each exam.

When you must verify your identity, you receive an “Identity verification required” message in the body of the course. You cannot complete any further work in the course until you either verify your identity or specifically decline to verify your identity.

To verify your identity, follow these steps.

  1. In the message you receive, select Verify Now to begin the ID verification process.

  2. On the Take Your Photo page, select the camera icon below your image to take a picture of your face.

    For information about how to take a good photo, review the To take a successful photo guidelines to the right of your image.

  3. On the Review Your Photo page, review your photo. If you are not satisfied with the photo, select Retake Photo. When you are satisfied with your photo, select Submit in the lower left corner.

A verification confirmation page opens and confirms that you have submitted your ID verification photo.

After edX’s authorization service examines your photo, you receive a message on your dashboard that informs you whether the verification process was successful. If the verification process was not successful, you must submit new verification photos. You can begin the verification process again by selecting Verify Your Identity.

For more information about ID verification, see Verifying Your Identity.